The key ingredient of a negotiation lies in good communication, 3 hours will be devoted to dissecting what can hinder communication, this will be done through games.

Then tips and techniques to overcome these barriers will be explained.

These techniques will allow you to glimpse the stages of a successful negotiation.

This course also includes a practical part, starting from real situations, within the framework of the company. This could be based on sales negotiations, or partnership negotiations, or job content, etc. In these training workshops, everyone will be an actor, either in a negotiating role or in that of an observer. The latter will replace the camera's eye, and will make the negotiator discover whether or not he has followed the method.

Capucine Dupuy began her career in marketing and then became a commercial for a dozen years, first in mass consumption then in video editing, in the kingdom of Garfield, Babar, Rantanplan and co, then in cinema in the land of Luc Besson. These last two sectors having the particularity of bringing artistic works to life, therefore being alive, subjective, emotional, emotional, each outing would require creating a tailor-made strategy. The way of negotiating with the various interlocutors therefore always had to be renewed.

However, the structure and the stages remain common to all negotiations.

As well as this vision of negotiation, where the objective is to create value for everyone.


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