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International Exchanges

GEAI Master students can participate in an exchange programme (Erasmus or other) with one of the 78 partner universities of the EMS, in Master 1 or in the second semester in Master 2.

Opportunities to study in Europe (38 partner universities), America (27 partner universities), Asia (11 partner universities), Africa (2 partner universities).

More information on the following link: www.pantheonsorbonne.fr/international/etudiants-de-pantheon-sorbonne/

NB: students from outside the Sorbonne who wish to apply for the M1 International Business and do an exchange during this year will be able to leave during the 2nd semester of the M1.

Student Testimonials

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What did you do during your exchange ? 

I took part in a university exchange at the European Business School (EBS) in Germany near Frankfurt, during the two semesters of Master 1 GEAI. The modules I chose to study at EBS are mainly in Finance (Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing & Derivatives, Economics of Financial Markets, Real Estate Finance, International Business...). but it is also possible to choose Automotive, Management, Marketing or Real Estate. 

What did your exchange bring you?

During this exchange, I was able to meet and work on different projects with people having another culture, another way of thinking than mine and an academic background different from mine. This allowed me to learn to adapt myself to be able to identify the strengths of each one in order to have an efficient group and to bring out the best of each one through a project.

What are your future plans?

This experience allowed me to consolidate and complete my knowledge of the financial sector in which I intend to pursue a career.


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